Summer Sundress

I am usually not a sucker for pink but ever since buying a coat in the same color last year I can’t get enough of it. This year alone I have already purchased a t-shirt and two dresses in this hue and I have found it nice to step out of my “comfort zone.” I know most of you are already experiencing fall or starting to experience cooler weather but I would keep your eye on this dress for when it goes on sale. I promise you will wear the s&*% out of it next summer! I have packed it in my bags to Geneva, Paris, London, Dallas, Naples, and next up Marfa and Cuba and it has been absolutely perfect for each setting. I have worn it with sandals (like here) and my nude heels! Each time I wear it I feel great in it, which makes purchasing something 100% worth it!

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outfit details // Tularosa X Revolve Payton dress

accessory details // Ellie Jay 14K Black Rhodium Diamond Bar bangle, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklaceEllie Jay 5 Row diamond, Ellie Jay Rose Gold and Diamond H ring

My Favorite Apps for Editing

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My most frequently asked question is, “how do  you edit your photos?” Photography is extremely personal but has become a big part of our culture. Some people like bright, light photos while others like dark and saturated. It is all your personal opinion and something that takes a bit of time to figure out. Below I have broken down my four favorite photo editing Apps to show you my process!


VSCO is by far my favorite editing app for photos. If Instagram changed the way we share our photos online, VSCO changed the way we edit them. If you speak with any big blogger each one will tell you they have a specific filter they prefer. I personally use S1-S3, A6, and HB1-HB2 the most. If I could recommend one thing it would be that you go through the set of filters (some are free, some you buy) and pick a favorite one. From then on, use only that filter. Instagram accounts with similar looking photos on their feed look cleaner, cohesive, and grab more engagement.


I actually just started using Snapseed and don’t use it for every photo. Snapseed is great if you have a tiny spot on your photo you want to make brighter or darker but I don’t like using it as an all over image editor. I recommend downloading it and playing around with the “brush” tool.


People think I am crazy for recommending this but I love their tools. I never use the filters the have but their “highlights, contrast, and exposure” are a great way to balance the lighting in the image. You can use VSCO or Snapseed for this as well but I love how Instagram allows you to enhance the image without having to over do it.


I don’t really use Afterlight as much as the others for editing but I do use it to create the white boarder around my photos. There are other apps which allow you to create a boarder as well, I just use this one out of habit. If you do download Afterlight I have a handful of photographer friends who use their filters so I recommend playing around with it. I personally did not find a set of filters I liked better than the ones on VSCO. However what I love about Afterlight which VSCO doesn’t have is the ability to add filters on top of each other. This allows you to really personalize your photo and saves on editing time.

Buly 1803


When I was living in Paris this summer one of my main goals was to find really unique souvenirs. Of course I went to the typical spots but I really wanted to find items that I had not seen before. I previously wrote about my love for Maison Labiche. Their shirts are 100% unique and were one of my favorite items I brought back. But my favorite, favorite souvenirs came from Buly 1803.

Buly 1803 was founded in the late 18th century. The name comes from the famed founder, “Bully”, who made a name for himself with his perfumes and scented vinegars. At the turn of the 19th century a new wave of creating perfumes came about and his perfumes and skin care products achieved lasting fame. The “Vinaigre de Bully”, a patented aromatic lotion to perform ablutions and preserve skin tone, earned a flattering reputation across Europe. This classic beauty product ensured his unprecedented notoriety for more than a hundred years.

From the moment you walk into their store on Rue Bonaparte you feel like you stepped back in time. The walls are lined with aromas, oils, and natural scents all with original labels. The women helping you are in their traditional parfumerie garb and even hand write your name in  calligraphy on the box. The entire experience is incredible and such a treat! You feel like you are getting the royal treatment!

As for the lotions. Call me a fanatic. I am 100% obsessed and addicted to their products. I walked happily away with the Pommade Virginale (I bought a few of these), Lait Nettoyant, and the Huile Antique. And because I collect matches from every place I visited I couldn’t leave without buying a box of their Scented Matches. The products not only make my skin softer and more hydrated but they also smell like heaven on earth. I am not lying. I literally want my heaven to smell like these products!

If you ever find yourself in Paris be sure to stop by Buly 1803 for a unique and unforgettable souvenir/memory.

Buly 1803
: 6 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France


Buly 1803 Paris-2-2 Buly 1803 Paris-2 Buly 1803 Paris-3 Buly 1803 Paris-4 Buly 1803 Paris

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