Stripes, Oxfords, and The Amazing Gap

I made it to London and have hit the ground running while here! I will share more once I get home but am excited to share upcoming posts I put together before leaving! One being, this outfit! I went on a Gap shopping spree right before I left. I haven’t shopped there in years but made up for lost time! It used to be one of my favorite shops – Hello 90’s! “But, mom we have to go to Gap and Limited too. It is the only place I want to get my new school clothes.” Literally, I loved gap! But as I aged it kind of fell-off the list of places to go. Until now. I am totally obsessed with their selection right now. Everything is so classic and basic – perfect to build a functional closet around. And, if you shop online they always usually offer some kind of incentive – most of the time it is 30% your purchase! Series home run from the Gap team! Right now it is $45 off an order of $100 with code SPREE. I mean, really, they treat us so well!

One of my favorite items I bought (actually I don’t have a favorite because they are all amazing) is this striped t-shirt under the sweater! I love a good stripe (I also bought this one) so when I saw this one on the website and an additional 30% off, I knew it was mine! I also think they both will great under a blazer and high-waisted jeans! Or is that too 80’s? Whatever, I am running with it! Until next time my friends! Cheers

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outfit details || Camel Coat (low, medium, high version), Gap Striped t-shirt, Gap Lambswool sweaterFrame “Le Skinny” DenimJ.Crew Oxford shoes – now 30% off (designer version),

accessorie details || Ray Ban Aviators in black, Ellie Jay Skinny Pave ringsDana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklace in rose gold


Packing Rituals

While packing for my trip to London I started thinking, there are quite a few things I do the same way no matter where I am traveling. I call them – packing rituals. I thought some were funny and others might be benefitial so why not just share them! So here they are, a few of my packing rituals (or the ones I can think of):

– I write a list of things I need to do days before leaving – there are always last minute errands

– I always shower right before I leave the house so I can “feel” as clean as possible in the grungy airport

– I always lather up on lots of lotion and oils and give them time to sink in – flying dries my skin out like crazy!

– I make sure I have a contact case with solution so when we land I can pop my contacts in – my eyes get so dry when flying

– I lay out my “carry on” essentials completely separate and pack them last

– My carry-on always has headphones, glasses, books, chapstick, contacts, melatonin, a computer, camera, jewelry, and socks

– I pack my jewelry in small zip-lock bags so they don’t get tangled

– I try on outfits and take pictures with my phone so I can remember why I packed it

– I always pack items that can be worn with at least two or three different pieces in my bag – saves room!

– I always make a last minute CVS run. On the list – towelettes, gum, and magazines (so much cheaper than the airport)

– I pack most of my shoes in my carry-on

– I stuff all of my hats with socks and underwear – helps them save shape

– I never travel without my space saving bags – they keep clothes organized, wrinkle-free, and clearly, they save space

– I put on all natural bb cream to not scare away passengers and to protect my skin


Ya’ll as I got typing I realized I could keep going, and going, and going…There are so many! But I will spare you! I hope at least one of these helped – if not, take it for what it is! See you in London! xo

TOMS for Target

When you look around your closet, I am sure you see a lot of things. Clothing you have accumulated over the years, bags you “had to have” and now don’t carry, or shoes that line the wall and are far more than anyone needs. These are all things. Perhaps things that made us extremely happy when we purchased them or the “item of the moment you just can’t live without” but I am sure over the months or years, each has lost their sparkle and you have moved on to the next. However, I know each of us has that one (or many) piece in our closet that holds a special place. It is more than just “a thing” or spontaneous purchase it holds a place in your heart. Maybe it is something that was handed down to you or something you bought yourself to celebrate that extra special moment in your life. Whatever it is, we all have one. This item is more than just an object or piece of material, it is special, sentimental, and treasured.

I have an object like this and it was given to me a little over a year ago – a vintage Chanel bag. I know most of you are rolling your eyes thinking, a vintage Chanel? Of course that is special, but, it isn’t just any vintage Chanel. It was handed down by my husband’s grand-maman (grandmother in French) and was actually given to me by his sister. The bag itself is beautiful and something that I am honored to carry but the gesture means even more. The fact that my sister-in-law could have kept this bag for her own personal use but decided to place it in my care is something that I cherish to this very day. I am so honored to carry this bag, that the famously chic grand-maman wore, but I am even more honored that it was given to me by such a special woman. Every time I carry it, I not only think of grand-maman but also my incredibly thoughtful sister-in-law. And since I won’t see that side of the family for the holidays it is nice to know that I can carry something that reminds me of them. It is an amazing thing when one piece can carry its weight three generations on. I hope we all have a very happy holiday season but I do hope that each of you reading this takes a little time to reflect on all of the special items in your life – be it an heirloom, your family, a special friend, or something new. The holiday’s can have us running around trying to find the “perfect gift” but it is always nice to reflect on those items that are irreplaceable and be reminded of the people who gave them to us or the memories they possess!

The holidays are not only a time for reflecting on what is special to us but also giving to those whose only special possession might be that warm meal they just received or that jacket you donated. Since a majority of you reading this most likely have a “sentimental item” of your own, along with a warm meal and roof over your head, it can be hard for us to imagine those living their daily life without. I am guilty of it – living day to day, getting caught up in my own world and the “things” I must have or must do. But, thanks to collaborations like TOMS for Target, those who are hungry or cold are not forgotten. And we can help, just by shopping at Target! Let me lay it out, you go shopping at Target, buy a limited edition shirt from the collection, and TOMS for Target will donate a warm meal to those in need. That poncho you have been wanting will provide a blanket for those sleeping without. While this campaign between TOMS for Target got me thinking about how special certain items are to me and how frivolous I can be when it comes to things, it also made me realize how much I have and how much others still need. To find out more about this partnership, check out their website, TOMS for Target.

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outfit || Black Overall jumpsuit, Gap Supersoft Turtleneck, Floppy Wide-Brim hat (designer version), Ray Ban Classic aviators in black, vintage Chanel bag

jewelry || Jennifer Zeuner Sasah necklace, Jane Pope Thin Twig ring c/o,Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrewsc/o, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklace

beauty || “Revolon Love That Red” lipstick



Compensation for this post was provided by Target via AOL Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target or AOL.

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