While browsing magazines on the flight home from the honeymoon I came across the designer Cacharel and fell instantly in love! The designs are delicate and feminine. The fabric they chose is unbelievably classic yet modern. I am not sure how I did not know of them before but I am one big fan now! 
You can check out the rest of their duds on their site, Yoox, or Shopbop (who is having a massive designer sale)!


Brice and I are finally home from our honeymoon. It was so beautiful and relaxing I think we are both sad to be back in reality. I understand why a honeymoon is so important now. Before the wedding you are so anxious and busy trying to get every last detail right and during the wedding you are so busy mingling and dancing it is hard to have one second for just the two of you. The honeymoon does just that!  We were able to have a week where all we did was lounge around and just “be.”

I have more posts on attire and activities from the trip but I wanted to share with what I wore on the way there. Since I am still a really heavy packer I hired, Portavi, to help me figure out what I needed and what was just “extra.” Hitha, the owner, gave excellent advice that I will share later but one of them was to wear your hat on the flight so it does not get bent or folded. Taking this advice and the idea that every airport feels like an iglo I went with a light jean and oversized top. Throw on a great red lip and Badda Bing badda boom

Zara top and shoes
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