c/o Earnest Sewn jeans, Madewell shirt, Report booties, Ray Ban aviators, c/o Caravelle by Bulova watch, Chanel bag
Okay, let’s be real. Does anyone else have as hard a time as I do finding skinny jeans that actually are skinny all the way down to your ankels? For som reason I will buy and buy annnnd buy pairs that come in and I am so disappointed that what I had envisioned is not at all what they are. 
If this is your case listen up. Earnest Sewn jeans actually  fit tight all the way down to your ankels. I repeat, Earnest Sewn jeans really do live up to their label as “skinny jeans.” They are so comfy and stretch with every movement. I will be buying another pair soon as they are a label to watch out for.

Photography by Brice


Lets be honest. There are certain people in the world that you see from afar and know you want to get to know them better. Molly and Sally are those girls. They have a warm welcoming feeling but are so effortlessly cool that every time I get to hang out with them I leave feeling so inspired. Their blog has been a LONG time favorite of mine so when they asked me to be featured I literally squealed. Swear. Squealed.

Be sure to check out their amazing blog and my feature

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