Leather A La Mode

What a weekend. My fiancés friends were nice enough to through us a surprise engagement party. It was complete with roses, champagne, and a cake with both of our names on it (they were really proud of that). I couldn’t stop smiling at their arrangement of all the decorations. So funny! 
The outfit- I decided to wear these shoes the entire day and they transitioned well into the night. The color is amazing on them and surprisingly go with everything in my closet. I love the pop they added to these mustard leather shorts. I think it is fun to wear neutrals and then add the pop of color to your feet. 

Ohhh one more thing– 

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Photography by Brice

Rare Beauty

Oh my gosh. Where do I begin when it comes to Anthem Wares? A site dedicated to up + coming designers with one-of-a-kind pieces at prices that would make you blush. Okay, so not all of them but I snagged this bag for around $500!

I first saw this bag and got that feeling in my body of pure excitement and giddiness. When I get this feeling about a product I instantly buy it and don’t think twice. This is SO different than my usual self, who searches, researches, and then does more research before buying. But when you know you love it, you know, so you just need to buy it right then and there. That feeling is rare!

Side note– I know you are wondering where and how I am going to wear this but I do believe a good purse can make the best decor. Hanging from a white coat rack in a white office is how I envision it. The perfect display for all its’ beauty.

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Best of the Best

Maya Brenner has been a long time fan of celebs but I was a bit slow to catch on. I have been on the hunt for a delicate neckalce I can wear everyday where people will catch glimpses of it but it isn’t over powering. I found it in Maya’s designs. They are so light and feminine that it is hard not to fall in love upon first glance. I am not sure if I should or shouldn’t apologize for the fact that you will see this necklace again and again on this blog. It is that kind of piece.
When I tell you about products on this blog I try to only recommend pieces that I truly love and would invest in myself. I am really picky about what I spend money on and take weeks upon weeks researching the market for the best of the best. That being said, this product is IT! You will be so glad you have her designs in your collection!

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Looking for a gift? She also makes US state necklaces HERE (my next purchase) 
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