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FramebridgeI absolutely adore Valentines! A day dedicated to love and togetherness has always been one of my favorites. Whether I was celebrating it with a man or my girlfriends I try to make it as special as possible. Every year I take my time trying to come up with that one, special gift which will let my loved ones know how much they mean to me and this year I think I hit the jackpot!

If you follow this blog or follow me on Instagram you know that I absolutely love travel and travel photography! One of the main things my husband and I have in common is our passion for travel and seeing the world! Brice, my husband, has mentioned numerous times that we should dedicate a wall in our home to hanging a photo from each of our travels. I always thought this was a brilliant idea but I never wanted to deal with the hassle of finding someone to print the photos, paying someone to frame them, and then having to deal with picking them up. This headache has allowed me to go almost 7 years without printing out one of our many travel photos!

I had heard about printing and framing websites before but every time I went to their webpage I was overwhelmed by their process and underwhelmed by their pricing! It wasn’t until I decided to give Frambridge a try that I was completely blown away by an online printing and framing service. From the first minutes of uploading your photos to the final ordering, the entire process was so user-friendly! Their easy photo uploader and 31 framing options might be enough to impress you, but  what really sealed the deal for me was their pricing! We all know how expensive framing can be so I was blown away by their fair and competitive pricing.

After the ordering was complete I did get a little nervous at how the print quality would turn out. However, when they arrived my worries were laid to rest! The photo quality was exceptional! I couldn’t have paid someone a thousand dollars to do any better! If you are nervous about the quality – don’t be! They recommend the best size frame for your photos pixels to keep your photo at top quality!

Since I couldn’t wait to give Brice the photos, we shared Valentines a little early this year! He absolutely loved each one and was also blown away at how well they did! We have already placed our second order and can’t wait to fill our wall with all of our special travel memories!

** One of the really unique framing options they are offering this year is the Heartstagram! Take a photo from your Instagram and perfectly fit it into a heart shaped liner! This would be perfect for your best friend, mother, or significant other! Since Brice and I don’t like having photos of ourselves splashed across our home I created one little heartstagram from our past trip to Nantucket! It fits perfectly on his nightstand and is a beautiful reminder of the prettiest sunset we have ever seen!
If this is something you want to share with someone who means the world to you, hurry and order! The last day to place your order and receive before Valentines Day is 2.7.16!

Start your framing here! And use code MARYS15 at checkout for your 15% discount (valid until 4/30)!

Framebridge-4 Framebridge-7 Framebridge-8 Framebridge-9 Framebridge-11 Framebridge-13 Framebridge-14 Framebridge-15 Framebridge-16 Framebridge-17 Framebridge-18 Framebridge-19 Framebridge-20 Framebridge-21 Framebridge-22 Framebridge-24 Framebridge-25

Get that photo you’ve been wanting to display framed! You know you have one 🙂 Check out Framebridge here!

And don’t forget to use code MARYS15 at checkout for your 15% discount (valid until 4/30)!


**Proudly created in partnership with Frambridge! Thank you for helping my vision come to life!

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  1. These are spectacular! Not only are they beautiful, but so meaningful! You’ve got a great eye.

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