Hotel des Balances, Lucerne Switzerland


I often get asked what is one of my favorite cities? My answer is always the same: Lucerne Switzerland. I absolutely fell in love with the charm and beauty of the city, as well as my husband. It was at the end of a week long road trip through Switzerland and Lucerne was one of our last stops. I remember just looking at him and knowing, he was the man I was going to marry. Of course the backdrop of the beautiful city didn’t hurt!

We decided to stay at Hotel des Balances which was one of the best decisions I have made. From the moment we pulled up it was so extraordinarily beautiful that it was hard to not fall in  love. Upon checking-in I knew this hotel was going to be an amazing experience. We booked a room overlooking the river and the Chapel Bridge which was absolutely perfect for a first timer to Lucerne. The hotel itself is situated between the fish and wine markets and a perfect location for any site seeing or walking tours you want to do. We personally spent the days walking the streets, popping in different eateries, and sitting on the benches watching the water. It is a simple city but the beauty and calmness is definitely something to experience. I always recommend traveling to Lucerne if you are in Switzerland and if you can, stay at Hotel des Balances. From the staff, to the rooms, to the eateries – you will not be disappointed.

images via hotel des balances, my own, and panoramio

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