M.A.S. Photography

I have always been fascinated by photography.  I have spent countless hours studying photographs of people, while considering the angles, the lighting, and the editing the photographer used. I love the fact that photography has the amazing ability to transport us to a different time, or place with one single shot.
It was not until I started blogging that I decided to take photography more seriously.  With camera in hand, I started experimenting with photographs of my apartment, of friends, and family.  It was after experimenting in this way that I realized my passion for photography.  I have no formal training or background in this field, but I realize that passion can open your eyes to the impossible, so not only did I invest in the proper equipment I also spent the necessary time to learn everything I could to enhance the skill it takes to be proficient with this passion.
I enjoy, and appreciate the opportunity to photograph bloggers, couples, influencers who make an impact in their profession, families, and also lifestyle type setting.  I take an individual approach to each person I photograph.  I make every effort to embrace and highlight the focus of what they are trying to convey to their audience with each session.
I look forward to working together and capturing the potential magnificence of your moments through my eyes and the lens of my camera.