Pool Floats for Adults

Ah, the smell of summer: fresh cut grass, burgers on the grill, and that plastic smell from your new pool floaty. This is how you knew summer had truly arrived! I still remember visiting my friends house in Houston and this particular house always had the best pool floats. You remember, that really large whale (which was the only option in the 80s/90s) who took up half the pool and those colorful noodles. Ah, life was good! It has taken a solid 20 years for any new pool toys worth mentioning to come out but these retro/cool floats are back! Last summer when I was heading to Nantucket I searched and searched for the swan to bring and enjoy in the pool but to no avail. It was literally sold out everywhere. This year, I am not letting them slip away again. Now I just need to buy this hat, this book, and one of these floats and let summer slowly pass me by while I enjoy it from the pool.

Float Options:

 * The Duck – The cuter of the float options!  shop it here

The Watermelon – What screams summer more? shop it here

The Ice Cream – Eating an ice cream on your ice cream floaty while floating in a pool? My mind is spent – that would be perfection! shop it here

The Swan – Retro chic to a whole other level! Shop it here

The Gold Swan – The Swan is retro chic, but have you ever seen a gilded swan? Whole other level! shop it here

The Whale – The original pool floaty! For all you kids who grew up on Doug and Disney – here is your youth! shop it here

The Flamingo – Who doesn’t want to float around all day on a pink flamingo? Serious photo ops! shop it here

The Toucan – This one makes me sing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…” from Lion King on repeat so isn’t for me, but it might be perfect for you! shop it here


or shop by clicking the image below

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