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Codage Moisturizing Nourishing Radiance mask
I discovered Codage on my last trip to Paris. I was wondering a side street and happened upon a store that looked really cool. I was instantly intrigued. After popping in and learning about the brand I knew I had to try a few products. This mask was one of the items I picked up and thank goodness I did. It has been a travel life saver. My skin gets really dry from travel so applying this mask at night completely nourished and rehydrated it. I bought the travel size and have used it numerous times since getting back from Paris. Every time I do I am reminded at what magic it works!

Codage Créme du Nuit
Codage night creme has also been amazing. I used to think I needed to cake on lots of thick cream at night for my skin to be rehydrated and reginerated by morning but this cream is very light and only takes a small dot to get the desired results. It goes into your skin quickly and works so well. I wake up feeling like my face underwent a hydration facial.

Codage Hydration Intense Serum n°01
People swear by serums. They absolutely love them. But I had yet to try them and after trying these two I don’t know what took me so long. The Intense Hydration is something I use morning and night. It is a very light serum that works wonders. I apply it with the night creme and wake up feeling so refreshed. I even asked for more for Christmas. I am now a serum junkie!

Codage Eclat & Energie Serum n°03
I also apply this one morning and night. I find this one gives my skin more of a glow and makes it look “alive”. It is like it restores all the minerals your skin loses and gets it back to looking tight, smooth, radiant, and hydrated. And the best part, one drop is all you need so it lasts a while!

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo
HOLY hair changer! My friend Krystal introduced me to this dry shampoo and it has changed the game. It comes in light and dark which is great for me as it leaves your hair/roots looking a little more refreshed. I also love the texture it adds to my locks. I use it everyday and go through a bottle every two weeks. It is great for styling or for making your hair last days without a wash.

Buly 1803 Pommade Virginale
We have heard my obsession for Buly 1803 in this post. I love their products so much and now won’t travel without one in my bag. They offer the best moisture and they smell so divine. I have this one for my day face moisturizer but have used it for my hands and body when I am in need. It is light and effective, which is exactly what I like for daily use!

Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes
always carry wipes when I travel. I actually put them in my purse on the plane so I can refresh before takeoff and again upon landing. They are the perfect solution to the “no liquids” rule. They remove my makeup easily and I never worry about something spilling in my bag and ruining my clothes. These are one of my travel musts!

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The Look: Four Must Have Fall Coats


Frugal // High Street  // Designer (this one is also on my dream coat list)


Frugal  //  High Street  //  Designer (this one is a great option too)


Frugal  //  High Street  //  Designer (also love this one and this one for lighter weather)


Frugal (I also like this one)  //  High Street  // Designer (another option for a shorter length)

coats for fall-3

Head to Paris with Delsey

THE BLOG IS BACK!!!!! Can I just say that again? YES! The blog is back! After the most frustrating week I can start blogging again. I didn’t leave you out of free will but rather becuase AT&T and Go Daddy screwed me! I can’t tell you how many tears and phone calls I had between the two, only to be told that it was the others fault. It was one of the most frustrating things I have recently been through. After doing my own detective work I found out that my server with all AT&T/Comcast users was compromised and it would never connect with GoDaddy. So weird right? After a lot of money and an e-mail to Chloe Digital all is good in the blog world. *shout out to Chloe who saved me! If you need any blog help I HIGHLY recommend her! 

I always try to look for a reason that things happen. During the process I couldn’t understand why this bazaar turn of events was happening to my blog but after a quick reflection I believe I now know. The past month I have been wondering if I still wanted to blog and when this whole “blog thing” would come to an end? I just didn’t know if I enjoyed blogging as much as I did when I first started. My photography had/has been extremely busy and my blog had not been a priority. Which I am sure you could see by the lack of updates recently. However, like the saying goes, “you always want one you can’t have.” So when the blog went down of course all I wanted to do was blog. I had so many post ideas and started to get excited to start working on it again. So here I am with a renewed appreciation for STTS and a changed attitude. Basically what I am saying is, get ready for more STTS! It is not going anywhere.

SO now that STTS is back I wanted to give you a little something special. I received a ton of questions on these Delsey suitcases from this photo so I wanted to share them as well as a very special giveaway. Not only have I been a fan of Delsey for the past few years (seriously their 28″ is the best for international travel) but I am excited to share a possible opportunity for you to head to Paris with your very own set! You all know my feelings for Paris. I love the architecture, the lights, the energy, the attitude, the cafe’s – I just love it all. That is why I am sharing this amazing opportunity with the “Fly Me To Paris,” Delsey giveaway. They are offering not one, but THREE trips to Paris with you and a friend! And if that isn’t enough to make you enter they are also going to make sure you arrive in style by giving you these suitcases and $1K spending money! Seriously, this might be the best giveaway I’ve ever heard of! So grab a computer, enter to win, and then sit back and start planning your wardrobe! Oh and let me know if you get the call back so I can send some Parisian recommendations!

Again, thank you all for sticking by me as I figured this technical glitch out! I am excited to bring you fresh content and I hope you enjoy what I have in store! See you tomorrow! Ah, that felt so good to day!!!!! thank you again Chloe

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