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Verdura Resort + Spa


Verdura Restaurants + Bar

La Zagara



Buon Giorno

La Granita

Torre Bar

Pool Bar


Verdura Health + Spa

Vita Health


Verdura Activities


The East Course

The West Course







Sciacca15 minute drive to this sea side town

Agrigento– 40 minute drive to see the Valley of the Temples


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Viva La Moda!

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I officially arrived in Brazil three days ago and am learning quite a bit! One – Portuguese is an extremely difficult language to understand and nothing like spanish. Two – PDA is a way of life.  Three – Don’t leave the house with anything of value (aka I won’t have many photos to share because of the fear of camera hijack). Four – Blondes are rare and very appreciated. Five – There is charm and character everywhere you look!

Rio is different that any city I have been to. The energy here is undeniable and very contagious. Flags hung in every window and locals dancing in the street make for a very authentic experience. They are extremely proud people who worship their country and I fully appreciate that. Our days have mainly been spent strolling Sao Conrado beach, watching the games at Fan Fest on Copacabana, or hanging around local spots. I have already had enough “futbol” to last me a lifetime and it is only just the beginning. Since I am traveling with people from so many different countries (swiss, peruvian, ecuadorian, columbian, argentinian, bolivian, + brazilian) you can only imagine how many games we have watched. But when in Rome, do as the romans do! So, I watch the games! I absolutely love the world cup and fully embrace the competition but it sure is nice to come home and escape to my blog! So for that I must say, Viva la Moda!

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photography by suki lynn

Quote Friday


We are off! The hubs and I have started our adventure for the summer- hitting six cities and four countries in less than three weeks! Call us crazy but while we still have the opportunity (no kids nor responsibility) we want to take full advantage! I honestly am giddy at the fact that I get to travel so much this summer! I know one day I might not have this option to travel as often so I want to bask in and fully appreciate the times I do get to travel. Seeing new cultures and making memories with my husband is by far one of my favorite things to do – call it my happy place! So if you have the opportunity I hope you grab it – don’t over think it just, “book a ticket, and leave.”

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