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Wildfox ‘Oh La La’ sweatshirt (t-shirt version here),  Wildfox Couture Crystal Delux sunniesJ.Brand Aidan Boyfriend jeans, Asos beanie, Vince D’orsay shoes (inexpensive option here)

In honor of this cold front that has swept across America I thought a sweater and beanie were perfect. I am currently bundled up in an old sorority sweatshirt, fluffy socks, and yoga pants. I am clearly not cut out for cold weather! I wanted to thank everyone who came out to the Blushington event last night. It was so fun to see everyone and hang out with my gal pals, Molly, Sally, Lynsey, and Amy!

After our event a few of us went out to dinner to discuss our upcoming trip to NY for fashion week. I had no idea how close it was and am now totally stressing about what to wear. Last fashion week I was totally laissez faire about what I wore. I packed one outfit for each day and nothing more. That is totally find when you are heading to a weekend at your parents but for fashion week- big mistake! I felt like everyone had options to mix-and-match and I had one leather jacket, leather shorts, a cream sweater, and pants. I made due but this year I am going to be prepared. Today I am using as a day to rummage through my closet and try to find items I can wear that I already own. From there I will buy (aka search desperately for sale items), and fill in the gaps of what I need. Uhgggg, wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “Wild for Warm Wildfox

  1. I wish this was my “cold front” outfit (no way I’d ever be able to do exposed ankles during a Chicago winter!)

    Give Miss Veuve my love 🙂

  2. Love the beanie! It was so nice meeting you at Blushington Wednesday night! You’re so sweet and I appreciate your advice for a new blogger like me! 🙂 Enjoy NYFW!

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