Wearing Spring Two Ways

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Look 1: J.Brand jeans, Zara blouse (similar), Wildfox Classic Fox sunnies, Johnston & Murphy loafers, Celine bag, Chanel “Pimpante” lipstick

Look 2: H&M pants (similar), YSL t-shirt, Johnston & Murphy Textured blazer, Zara heels (similar, and in silver),  Ray Ban Aviator sunnies, Chanel “Pimpante” lipstick, Emily Rosendahl “Sam” clutch

Since the weather is officially changing here in Dallas I am getting inspired by all of the new flowers popping up, warm weather, and colors around me. After a season of unusually cold weather and a wardrobe full of blacks, grey’s, and whites, I am really excited to add some “spring” into my closet. I still love my neutral base tones but I am excited about adding a pop of color into my outfits. Even though spring isn’t the first month of the year I always feel like it is a fresh start. The warmer weather, all of the new and beautiful blooms after a cold winter, birds chirping (which I am listening to while I type this), and lots of color always makes me ready to conquer the world my closet.
Since I feel inspired and rejuvenated when spring comes around I like to do what a call a, “closet assessment” each year, before the craziness that is summer. To do: Take stock of what is in my closet, clean out what is not needed (or worn in the past year), and add more basic colorful pieces. My biggest struggle for spring is usually finding pieces that are good quality, not overly floral, colorful without being obnoxious, and something I can wear for a few springs to come. The two items I wanted the most for this spring were a fun loafer and a white blazer. These are both really classic items that fit the above checklist and ones that can be styled a million different ways for spring as well as other seasons.
I was happy to find both of what I was looking for from Johnston & Murphy. I am a new fan of theirs and was extremely happy to discover their spring line. They have everything a girl could want/need. Their pieces range from bags to jackets to loafers and each piece is perfectly designed for spring. I must say, the loafers are my favorite part of their new spring collection. I am a sucker for a good loafer – I think they look really sharp and boarder the masculine/feminine look, which I think is really chic. They have such a great selection in really bright and cool color combinations – think- lilac mixed with green and mint mixed with coral. And the fit, oh the fit, they are like walking on clouds. I am guilty of using them both as a slipper around the house and a shoe for outside. They are that comfortable!
My other Johnston & Murphy find was my white textured blazer, which has already been worn a handful of times. I have styled it both edgy and feminine – Ah, the versatility of a white blazer. You can wear it with white jeans for a white on white look, black leather pants or shorts for an edgy look, over a sun dress for a tailored look, or with jeans and flats for a relaxed look. There are so many ways to wear a white blazer that every closet should have one. Since I don’t like feeling confined when I am wearing a blazer, I was instantly drawn to how light-weight the blazers were at Johnston & Murphy. They give off a nice look without making you feel like you are wearing a really heavy coat. It is also perfect for scrunching the sleeves half-way up my arms, which gives off a more modern and relaxed feel. While all of these make the blazer the perfect choice, my favorite part was the lining. Although most people don’t see this I love when a company takes the time to think about the lining and adds a special touch. This particular blazer had a beautiful coral lining with little polkadots around the inside. Super cute and really fun for spring.
I am pretty prepared for spring now, thanks to Johnston & Murphy. I only have a few more items I really want to add to my closet: white skinnies, black and white loafers, a black wedge, and colorful blouses. I still can’t believe I am saying the word spring. Can you believe it is already upon us? Since it sprung (no pun intended) up on us so quickly I hope I was able to help you fulfill your spring needs!
For more pieces and ways to style Johnston & Murphy, check out this fun gallery!
photography by Molly
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