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I recently read somewhere that when we travel, “we are all tourists, so get over it.” Honest and truthful. When I travel, especially to Europe/UK, I hate for people to know I am a tourists. I try to blend in as much as possible. One with the people. However, I have been told by my sweet, sweet husband that I scream American. Bah humbug! I don’t know what it is about the way we look, perhaps we do our make-up daily and that gives us away, but even I can spot an American from a mile away. Despite the bad portrayal we Americans get I always think we look put together and very maintained. It isn’t that I am not extremely proud of my heritage, because I am, but sometimes it is fun to play something else. Star in another role.

Even though it isn’t London or Paris a few weeks ago I was a tourist in New Orleans. I fully embraced my tourist persona and wore sneakers, comfy t-shirt, and breathable shorts so I could site-see all day without one single complaint. And it worked! Despite my efforts in the past to look fashion/cool to tour a new city I always lose site of what I am seeing because I am blinded by pain from those really uncomfortable shoes. Slowly but surly I am learning to embrace the comfortable look over the, “I totally live here and know all the cool cafes to eat at. Can’t you tell? Don’t I look like a local?” And you know what is even better? Half the time the locals know a lot of walking is involved and dress comfier than I do! If that isn’t enough to turn you into a comfy tourist dresser, maybe you are a lost cause. Just kidding! But I do recommend you buy a great pair of sneakers/flats (a pair that is comfy and cute) for this summers excursions! To make sure you are covered I found my 20 favorite pairs! I promise this will save your feet, your trip, and most likely your relationship!

scroll through and click the image to shop the sneaker

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4 thoughts on “Tourist Outfit

  1. I think it’s kinda funny that you say this because I always think of you “comfy cool super realistic” with your style!” So this “new” laid back look seems normal to me hah!

  2. I really really like this outfit of yours, it looks absolutely great! 😀
    Especially your sneakers are very cute. Do you wear them without socks?

    1. I have little ankle socks I bought at nordstroms. They cover just the feet and the toes 🙂

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