The Nike Street Style


What are a few things you have heard about Americans abroad? Maybe that we are loud and obnoxious. Or that we dress terribly – in our fanny packs and old sneakers. I really do understand the misconception because I have actually seen both of these instances happen. However, I have also seen roles reversed and the foreigners being loud and obnoxious with terrible fashion sense. But, that is neither here nor there. What I can say, let’s not give them one more reason to chat poorly about such great people (ha ha).

One of the main lessons I have learned through the years is, a comfy shoe is key! If your feet hurt, there is no way to enjoy your surroundings. My poor husband (boyfriend and fiance at the time) has had to listen to farrrrrrr too many complaints about my feet. I used to try to pair each outfit with the cutest shoe, which was not always the most comfortable or practice. He would say, “You have to wear better shoes because this isn’t fun for either of us.” And he was right! Now when I travel, I know that comfort is above cute. And you know what? You can do so much more! When I lived in Paris I would spend 5+ hours walking the city and taking photos! There is no way I could have done that without the proper necessities – sneakers!

Sneakers are the new black! Seriously, every brand from Valentino to Nike are making them. Now that wearing sneakers with jeans is cool, there really is no reason to not be comfortable and cute! Yes ladies and gents, we can have it all! Since I am a big fan of what Nike is doing with their running shoes right now I decided to compile a list of my favorite pairs from around the web! I would wear these with cropped jeans, shorts, or a dress. They are modern, cool, and most importantly COMFORTABLE! So for your next trip, be sure to include a pair in your luggage! I bet you will be shocked how much you will wear them and how much more enjoyable your trip will be!


shop the sneaker by clicking on the photo below:

scroll through the images below for outfit inspiration

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