The Investment Jacket that is Worth It

Moncler Jacket, Warmest Winter Coat

If you are reading this post in a place that isn’t cold, you can probably skip over it. However, if you live in a cold place or travel to a cold place keep reading.  I have solved all of your problems. Throw away any old puffer or warm weather jackets you have. You won’t need them or any future jackets. I have found the holy grail of winter coats. I will be honest, it comes with a price, however, imagine how not having to buy another cold weather jacket for as long as you want. This jacket won’t go out of style, it doesn’t lose its’ structure and it is the warmest thing money can buy.

The jacket I am talking about? The Moncler Jacket. I have wanted a Moncler jacket for years. I remember seeing them in 2014 while on a trip to Switzerland. I kept seeing this little logo on these really chic jackets. I found out they were from a company called Moncler and it was settled, I had to have one. However, they are a bit pricy (worth every penny) so I spent my money on other jackets (including a Canada Goose). No matter which jacket I bought (and didn’t love) I couldn’t get Moncler out of my head. Well 4 years later I finally got my hands on my first Moncler. I debated going with short or long, black or blue. I decided on long and black (the Taleva)  and never looked back!

Y’all, I can’t even tell you how much I wear this jacket. I am not far off in saying I probably wear it 6 out of 7 days in the winter. It is so warm I can wear a t-shirt under it and be super warm in 40 degree weather. I am pretty sure there are mini heaters inside because I have never felt cold while wearing it. And warmth aside, this thing is gorgeous. I never feel like I am wearing one of those winter jackets that could also double as a construction jacket. It is so sliming and so chic!

This is way more winded than I wanted this post to be but that is just how much I adore this jacket! I want to save you all $hundreds$ if not $thousands$ of dollars wasting your money on jackets that are too bulky, not warmth enough, and/0r too trendy.


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