Stir Crazy in this Cold

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 Wildfox Classic Fox Crystal reflective sunnies, Zara coat, ASOS sweater dress, Nike Free Run sneakers, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklace, and Sylvie Rose necklace

Is anyone else completely frozen by this weather? The good (and bad) thing about working from home is on days like today I don’t leave my house. It has been so cold the past few days in Dallas that I haven’t even bothered to run the one million errands I need to. I know working from home is a major luxury but on weeks like this I tend to get a bit stir crazy and am in definite need of some human conversation. I just got off the phone with my mother after talking for a solid 35 minutes. That might not seem like a lot for some people but I without a doubt, completely, and totally, hate talking on the phone! Thirty minutes is almost a record!

I can’t say that I want the Texas heat back but I wouldn’t mind a cool 60 and sunny. At least then I would probably get everything I need to do before Thanksgiving done! Ummm… am I rambling? See, I told you, you kind of go crazy working from home!

On to what you are here for; the fashion!  How amazingly badass are these reflective sunnies from Wildfox! I had no clue they did eyewear until my recent trip to Chicago. Jena and I popped into the local store, Sofia, and there they were! I was instantly in love and although I just bought some new sunnies, I had to have them! I will try to get a better picture of just how cool the reflective is but take my word, these babies are bad-A.

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photography by Jena

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