Spilling the beans

When you are a girl and you find a product you love, our natural instinct is to share it with our closest girlfriends. That is what I am doing today!

Growing up in the 90’s, pre-apple boom, and on a lake, my days were mainly spent in the sun. It was great at the time as I was able to maintain a sun-kissed tan almost all year round, however, my poor skin has been showing the after-effects as the years pass on. My once naturally bronzed skin is speckled with sun spots that worsen with age. yuck! Because of these lovely additions to my face, I am a total sunscreen junkie. I feel naked if I walk outside without it which means I now live my life a shade below ghostly white.

Knowing I can’t tan I have turned to every sunless tanner in the english speaking world. I have always been slightly disappointed either by the results or the smell. I finally threw up the white flag and embraced my paleness when I received an e-mail from a friend who worked at Xen-Tan. She sent me a few samples to try and when I finally received the package I tried out the goods immediately.  I was a bit nervous when my fiance walked into the room and gave me a hug. In the past he would pull away with his nose squinting from the smell, but this time he said, “wow you smell great. What is that?”

Not only did I have the most beautiful tan but I actually smelt good!!! Success. Long story short, it is a great product I had to share with my girlfriends.

Buy it direct here and get 25% off through April 28th when you enter the code :: MAS25OFF

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3 thoughts on “Spilling the beans

    1. HI!
      By far my favorite is the Xen Tan Deep Bronze Daily! There is also a weekly one but I find myself reaching for the daily because I think it works quicker. It leaves you with a beautiful, rich but natural, tan within a few hours! I also love the face tanner. It gets the job done but doesn’t leave your face super dark. It looks like you were in the sun for a few hours and it lasts a while even if you wash your face daily.

      I hope this helps! xx

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