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I must admit, after the cleanse I am still feeling a bit sluggish. I definitely enjoyed my salmon and french fries yesterday but am feeling a bit slow today. I wanted to do a great post about an outfit or something fashion related, but then I saw this picture on Lynsey’s blog and had to share. It really is exactly how I am feeling. After a 2:30pm consulting meeting (shameless plug), my only plans are to meet-up with Molly, pop a bottle of champagne, and cheers to it being Friday. Anyone else feeling rather unmotivated today?

The one other thing motivating me, other than my consulting meeting today, is the website Career Contessa, which was just introduced to me via Lynsey’s post today. It is a beautiful site which really explores women and their careers, how they got there, and advice for other women. I am always so inspired by people’s stories of where they came from and how they got to where they are now. It is always inspirational to know that people out there worked for their dream and achieved it. You may remember this idea was the reason I started, M.A.S. Interviews. I have loved getting to hear from Gray Malin, Grace Atwood, and other amazing, and very inspiring, individuals. Sometimes I can make excuses for why something can’t be done, but after browsing Career Contessa, I am fully ready to dive into my dreams. One day you  might even see me on there! That is, after I have my champagne… Cheers!  🙂


image via law-of-fashion

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