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This weekend my plan is to slow down and enjoy each moment. My biggest struggle in life is that I am always thinking ahead instead of living in the moment. My best friend Amanda gets so frustrated with me because after each birthday I will say, “Wow, can you believe I will be such and such age next year.” Instead of living in the moment of being an age or at a point in my life, I am constantly thinking ahead. She is always so thoughtful and sends song lyrics and quotes to friends whenever they remind her of you (which I love). One day, a few years ago, she called to tell me that she found the, “theme song to my life.” How this song really made her think of me. It happened to already be one of my favorite songs – Vienna by Billy Joel. The entire song is about slowing down and enjoying the moment you are in, not rushing ahead and missing vital moments. When I wanted to move to Paris I would insert that name into the place where he says “Vienna, waits for you.” I used to think it was a place or a moment in life that waits for you but the more I hear the song, the more I believe “Vienna,” is  actually life in general. So instead of rushing ahead to get to the next point in life, slow down, because it will all be there for you when you get there. SO much easier said than done (especially in my case) but I thought it was great food for thought on this beautiful Friday!

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