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Whew! It is Friday! I seriously couldn’t wait for today. Not that I have any big plans or had a particularly stressful week, I am just ready for the weekend. I can’t wait to have a weekend full of dates and time spent with my hubs. We have both been traveling so much and had so much work  to get done we haven’t had a lot of time this week to just be and breath. We try to sit down for dinner every night without t.v., cell phones, or any other electronics/distractions. This is something my family did growing up and it was always our time to be together as a family and connect. The hubs and I decided these little moments were extremely important to us as well so we continued the pattern. However, this week we haven’t had a chance to do them – with him catching up on work from being gone and me attending nighttime events. Our schedules have really not connected and it is so hard. You really realize how much you appreciate those few little quiet moments together when you don’t have them. I just want to share the week with my buddy! That is why I am SO excited it is the weekend! We plan on having date night both evenings and hanging out with our little fur baby during the day! How much longer until 6pm?

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One thought on “Quote Friday

  1. i’m looking forward to spending some time with my fiance! we’ve both been traveling/busy lately, too! hope y’all enjoy yourselves! xx

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