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I absolutely love entertaining. I have mentioned it quite a lot on this blog but it really is my bliss. I love getting friends and family together and creating a special and memorable evening. Seriously, nothing is better than an evening spent with those you love. Especially if you have a great glass of wine or champagne in hand ;).

Unfortunately for me, I don’t live in a state where entertaining outside is a year round event. Because of the heat and mosquitoes we fight in Texas most outdoor entertaining is done in April or November (trust me it isn’t that cold yet). But for those two months where the weather is pleasant, I am outside as much as possible.  Which means, all of my hosting duties migrate to the patio.

I definitely get both my love for entertaining and being outside from my mother. She can throw one hell of a party (indoor and outdoor). Knowing that I will have a few weekends where I want to have parties outside, having a cute outdoor area has always been something I’ve strived for. I could sit on Pinterest for hours looking at outdoor inspiration (see my board here). While I do love my patio seating area (see it here) I was never set on my outdoor dining area. That is until recently.

While my outdoor space doesn’t allow me to create the exact design I want, I was set on creating an outdoor space that would feel cozy but hip. Almost like you were sitting in a cool indoor lounge but could glance over and see the stars. And with the help of ATG Stores I was able to accomplish this goal. Shout out to ATG who made the entire process so easy for finding every piece I needed. Their website literally is a one stop shop for your indoor and outdoor needs!
 I am so happy with how it turned out. We have already hosted a brunch or two (we had a cool front) but I can’t wait to host lots of dinner parties once the temperatures cool down entirely.

Design Breakdown:
Commonwealth Curtain Panels – I really wanted to break up the large patio area and make the dining area feel intimate and sexy. I knew adding curtains would be a great (and inexpensive) way to accomplish what I was after.

Safavieh Couture Duval Bar Trolley – I am a huge believer in having bars around the house. Not only do they fill awkward spaces but they have a bit of a “throw back” feel. They let your guest know they can let loose and have fun, but also have the ability to tie in your entire aesthetic.

nuLOOM Fez Natural Area rug – I know what you are thinking, “Isn’t that an indoor rug?” And yes. It is! However, the space is completely covered and the rug is really easy to roll up after use. I think it gives a really intimate feel and allows your guest to feel comfortable and cozy.

Fine Mod Flower Dining Table – I have been obsessing over this table shape for years! It is retro, sleek, and a statement. It was such a fun and unexpected touch to add to the space. I love the table so much, I am thinking of moving it indoors to be my dining room table! It is such a great piece.

Fine Mod Wire Leg Dining Chair – We have these Eames chairs as our dining chairs and I really wanted to keep the flow from indoor to outdoor similar. These were a great price to accomplish the look I was going for. They are also so easy to clean off and are light-weight to move around.

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Furniture Details c/o ATG Stores // Safavieh Couture Duval Bar Trolley, nuLOOM Fez Natural Area rug, Fine Mod Flower Dining Table, Fine Mod Wire Leg Dining Chair, Commonwealth Curtain Panels

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