Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale


Yes, it is that beautiful time of year when there are lots of sales. I am such a bargain hunter (unless I really love someone) that I get giddy at the site of a sale! Growing up I would always tell my dad I “saved $…” Much to his dismay, he would inform me but you still spent, “$…” Uhg, he never understood, but seriously, I still feel like I “save” money when there is a sale even though I am still spending. Whichever way you look at it, sales are tres bien! My last conquest was the Biscuit Home sale where I bought this incredibly adorable quilt for one of my guest bedrooms, a few gifts for my nieces, and these sheets that will go perfectly with my new bedding! But the sale that has me waking up happy this morning? Nordstrom’s half yearly. Holy mecca of womanly goodness – make-up, skincare, perfumeshoes, swimclothing, home goods, and gifts, ALL on sale! I mean, how cute are these Rag & Bone Croc embossed sandals. And remember when I wrote about EACH X OTHER? Every one of their pieces is one sale. I have had my eye on this Metallic Leather Terry sweatshirt since seeing in a few weeks ago in Canary and it is now 40% off! If you are a bargain gal like me – may the odds be ever in your favor.. Just kidding! That was so cheesy! But seriously, happy hunting shopping!

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