Nike Free Run Street Style


 Nike Free Run sneakers, COS sweater, Gap tankc/o Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly Back Chronograph watch

I have been a long time fan of sneakers and regular clothing. After seeing the look on one of my favorite bloggers, Sietske, last year, I was sold. Fast forward a year and you see this look everywhere. I styled my other Nikes with a dress in the past, if you read that post I was actually headed out the door to buy these Nike Free Run’s. Why did it take so long to post about them? Well long story short, but I bought the shoes, went out of town, left my garage door open, and returned to find my brand new, never worn, much coveted, Nike’s box was empty. I was so frustrated that someone took them from me before I could even have a chance to wear them once, that I waited for my birthday to come around to ask my parents for them. Luckily, I have amazing parents that allow me to sport my long awaited look!

:: If you are wanting to attempt this look, make sure your sneakers are very basic, try getting them with one or two primary colors. It also helps if they have a low profile sole (nothing too chunky). This makes the sneaker look high fashion rather than, “I am going rock climbing.” Lastly, if you can brave it, don’t wear socks. Socks can be a real fashion buzz kill in this situation. It makes it look like you are going to the gym instead of styling them for fashion.  If you must wear socks these are always a great option! So basically, every conception you have in your mind on how a sneaker is used, throw it all away, and go with that.

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