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Spring cleaning. Yuck! Every year I start this process only to keep everything I needed to giveaway. I tell myself, “Oh that is cute, I will wear it this way and that way.” Do I? No. Never. This process happens every year so you think I would learn by now to just, throw it away. I am definitely a creature of habit so breaking it takes a while. However, once I do, it is done! This year I am breaking the habit.

I have been wanting to sell some pieces from my closet but am over taking them to Buffalo Exchange (isn’t it embarrassing when they don’t take something), and ebay is a waste of time unless you are selling high money items. Frustrated and lost for a place to go, I donated half my closet not too long ago. Tax write off, right? I was still frustrated with this whole process and really wanted to sell my pieces when my dear friend, Lynsey, told me about Threadflip.

Threadflip is by far one of the easiest places to sell your clothing. And guess what, “there is an app for that.” Yup, they even have their own app. You simply put in what you are selling, pull up a picture of the piece, list the price, and then hit done. After a few weeks of not selling the price will go down so you are pretty much guaranteed to sell your item. Pretty cool, huh? I will be adding pieces throughout the next few weeks so definitely check back! But in the mean time, shop till you drop! 🙂

For more from my closet shop my Threadflip here

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3 thoughts on “M.A.S. on Threadflip

  1. I take a lot of my stuff to Uptown Consignment – I’ve taken everything from Zara and Ann Taylor, to Jason Wu and Prada. They’ll take almost anything as long as it’s in good condition! I like it because I just have to drop stuff off, and then pick up a check!

    The Style Scribe

  2. Great post, Mary! Your OOTD images bring a little more life to the Threadflip shop grid. Thanks for sharing your closet!

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