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Sophia in Pearl Button-Down 100% silk shirt // Jaclyn in Pearl 100% silk shorts

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to have a relaxed morning. One of my favorite places to do this? My in-laws garden in Geneva, Switzerland. The air is always extremely fresh, the flowers are gorgeous, and the energy is calm. I love to have a cup of coffee and enjoy my surroundings. The best part of vacation is to unwind and re-center – something I think people forget. It is so hard to balance all of your expectations  of a trip – with site-seeing, reservations, and so on – I think people forget to just stand in one place, take a deep breath, and just “be.” I had the opportunity on my last trip to enjoy a few mornings and enjoy the moment and it was so necessary. So, I challenge you on your next trip to take three minutes to stand in one place, take deep breathes, and capture mental pictures of where you are!

Okay, so I got that off my chest, lets chat these p.j.’s. You may remember last week I did a Maison du Soir in Rio! This week I am bringing you Geneva. Sweet, sweet Geneva! The pearl button-down and shorts are one of the most beautiful sets I have ever seen. They are classic, chic, and versatile. Yes, I wore the top to a day of shopping! I have always loved the classic relationship between a cream and black. Growing-up I made my mom re-do my room so I could have it only black and white. It had to be more Audrey Hepburn I told her. Though I may love a good trendy piece every now-and-again my  heart will always belong to the classics. The Sophia and Jaclyn fulfill this classic love and were also a total hit among those who saw them. They really are that spectacular in person. I know spending $200 on a pair of pajamas seems excessive but you spend more time in them than any other item in your closet. AND trust me – I used to be like that until I took the plunge and I can’t tell you how great it feels to wear beautiful pajamas. I honestly think it is a revelation. I go to bed feeling great and very chic and wake-up the same way! I am sticking to this purchase and calling it my MUST HAVE ITEM OF THE YEAR! I believe this so much that I wanted those I care about to feel the same way and purchased my mom a set, who now swears by them! I.speak.the.truth.

Need more convincing or just want to see more beautiful pieces from MDS? I am excited to bring you another round of Maison du Soir in Geneva and then in Paris, Normandy, and London! Stay tuned…

In the mean time I will leave you with more on Geneva:

Geneva is an incredible city and one I have loved getting to know over the past few years. Whether you want to go boating, site-seeing, to a park, hiking, museums, or shopping, Geneva has it all! My personal favorite thing to do is to go out on Lake Geneva. It has absolutely stunning waters and being surrounded by the alps is breath-taking.

Little known facts about Lake Geneva (via theswisswatchblog) –

  • It has dual citizenship in two countries – about 60% lies in Switzerland and 40% lies in France
  • It is deep – because it is an Alpine lake, it mimics the Alps, in the inverse. The average depth of Lake Geneva is 507 feet
  • It has contributed to science- in 1827, Lake Geneva was the first place for the speed of sound to be tested in fresh water
  • Expensive bottled water likes to call it home- Evian comes from several springs near Evian-les-Bains, France, which rests on the shores of Lake Geneva
  • Driving around it can add time to your European road trip- the Mt Blanc tunnel costs around 75 USD to travel through one-way and only takes about 20 min. The other option is driving around Lake Geneva, which could add 3 hours to your trip

Just a little fun facts for your Tuesday afternoon reading! I am excited to bring you a city guide of Geneva, if you ever find yourself in the beautiful city!

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7 thoughts on “Maison du Soir :: Geneva, Garden

  1. Absolutely beautiful Mary! I love that you’re in Switzerland often to see your inlaws because I’m living in Zurich so I definitely know what you mean about taking the time to appreciate the beauty and especially the Alps! Sometimes I look up and think ‘wow’ and I really love those silk PJ’s and totally agree with you that it’s worth the splurge. You look beautiful as always.


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