Maison du Soir Begonia

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Maison du Soir Begonia

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The last set of my Maison du Soir collaboration. What a fun ride it has been – Rio, Geneva Gardens, Geneva Pool, Normandy, and Normandy again, Paris, and lastly, London. The sets are settled back in Dallas and being worn frequently but my how I wish I was backing wearing them around other parts of the world! Since the last Begonia set in Paris was forced to be worn as a dress I thought it was only fitting to show it again in London at The Kensington Hotel. What a beautiful hotel for a beautiful pajama! I decided to shoot these straight out of bed – very real life! I kind of love the voyeuristic feel to these photos! Almost like you are waking up with me.

I am really sad this collaboration has come to an end but I hope I have been able to share the beauty that is Maison du Soir! It is like my friend said the other day when I was wearing them, “they definitely look beautiful on your blog but they are even more beautiful in person.” I could never do these amazing pieces justice but I do hope I was able to open your eyes to a new brand that is changing the pajama industry! And if you trust me on only one thing – it is that your closet needs a set of Maison du Soir! Please let me know if you have questions on any sizes I wore or on the pajamas in general!  Thanks for following along!

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