M.A.S. is #OnTheCusp

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 Vince coat, HELMUT by Helmut Lang skirt, Vince sweater, Saint Laurent bag, Saint Laurent booties, Chanel sunnies, Forever 21 earrings, Lisa Freede ring (in gold), Gabriela Artigas ring

I love watching movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, An Education, and Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf’s because you feel completely transported into this  plethora of everything amazing. The fashion and style in each leave you feeling happy and inspired. When I am watching them I feel like I am walking into a closet that I can choose anything I would like. Once the credits roll, I am immediately smacked back into reality and realize I am stuck with the closet of clothing I have built, not a mythical Hollywood stylist.

I never thought I would have the opportunity to walk in a store and hear someone say, “chose what you want to style an outfit.” I mean, this is every girls dream. This happened to me the other day when I was told I was part of a style competition (which I have promoted the past few days on the blog) with Neiman Marcus Cusp and Dallas based magazine, FD Luxe. The theme was Rocker Chic and I had the entire store at my disposal. Wait, say that again? Yes, the entire store was mine to style a look. Sticking with the theme Rocker Chic I stayed with neutral pieces, but I could have spent hours in their looking at all the rich colors for fall. MmmmMmmm

My fantasy ended within the hour and I was headed home, to my regular closet but the experience was amazing and I had a fabulous time! While my fantasy is over the competition is still going on. I am in second and could use your help! Voting ends tomorrow…eek! If you want to help (which I appreciate) you can click here. xx

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