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Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

There are a few things I hate to do – one being, taking off my make-up. I absolutely love the feeling of not wearing make-up but the process of taking it off has always been a headache. You first have to wash your face with a cleanser, then you need to astringent it to make sure all of your  make-up is gone, and lastly you have to get another type of make-up remover designated only to your eyes to make sure all of that make-up is gone. It is a tedious process that I honestly don’t enjoy. I would rather not wear make-up then do this everyday. Knowing how much I hate the process of make-up removal I searched my options.

A few months ago I was part of Stylists Beauty Awards – (read what I said about Take The Day Off here) – where I was sent a box of products that I would test and then rate and review. I received so many amazing products (and most that I will share here in the next few weeks) that removing make-up and taking care of my skin actually became fun. In the past it was always something that I felt like I had to do to avoid the inevitable wrinkle or break-out but thanks to Stylist beauty became fun. Since I have always received positive interest in my beauty routine (here -super old and here newer), I decided it was time to share a few of my favorite products.

I wanted to start off with a bang- my favorite product I use – Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. You now know my annoyance and frustration with the entire make-up removal process.  I used to hate the process because it was long and tedious but that is no longer the case! Where I used to have to wash, astringent, and  remove eye make-up separately and with multiple products, I can now do with one. No joke! The product is a little bit intimidating the first time you see it as it looks like a giant bottle of wax but upon touching it, it dissolves right into your fingers like a cream. Once you have it in your hands, rub it all over your face and then rinse. Voila, your make-up is gone. To test how powerful this balm was I used my usual astringent routine – where normally the cotton ball would be dark with left over make-up was now clear. There was nothing left on my face. Better yet, it is so soft and moisturizing that it really does do three things in one – clean, remove, hydrate. I swear by this product and have even converted my friend Sally who just purchased it this past weekend.

This is a must have product for you beauty lovers lazy people like me who hate the loooong process of removing your make-up at night. Please always feel free to ask me any questions via e-mail or commenting below! I hope you enjoy! xx

There was no compensation for this post. I just love the product that much!!! When I review a product I try to be as accurate and honest as possible. If I don’t like something I will tell you and try to explain the reasons why.  But if I love something I hope you will trust in my opinions. Honesty is always key on this blog!

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3 thoughts on “M.A.S. Beauty Favorite

  1. Seriously you have just made my day! I have been searching high and low for a “lazy person” makeup remover. I was just about to give up – so glad I’ve discovered your bloggie. 🙂

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