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I always try to talk about travel once a week and since yesterday was about a Dallas eatery I thought I needed to do a better job. While thumbing through travel photos and deciding what I wanted to share with you all I came across these photos I shot while in London in November. I actually have an entire batch I never posted – 1. because I look SO tired and puffy and 2. because I am wearing grey in every.single.outfit. I have been trying to add some color to my outfits lately so put these on the back burner. However since today was a travel day I figured now is as good a time as ever.

This Whistles dress was actually a sweet gift from the hubs. He has this incredible gift of shopping twice a year and buying items that last. I say gift because it really is hard to not shop all year long. However, during these two times a year he splurges! I mean, he really goes out and gets nice items that he will wear for years to come. And the crazy thing is, he does! He wears these items for years and years – because the quality lasts! Since he had bought what he needed he wanted to treat me to something nice (isn’t he a dear). While walking through a few stores I stopped at Whistels. I have always loved them for their minimal and chic style so I knew I would find something I wanted. Actually, a really amazing navy coat instantly caught my eye. While trying it on and deciding if I liked the oversized fit, “B” brought me this cashmere sweater dress. It was minimal, great quality, and something that will be in style for years (so very B). I was taken. After trying it on I knew this dress was going to be my winter staple. Taking a note from the hubs, I am trying to buy items that fit all the above qualities (quality, wearable, and classic) as I get so jealous of his really nice pieces that last year after year. It makes me sit in my closet and realize how much money I have wasted over the years. Although this entire theory is so much easier said than done it is a lifestyle change. Saving up and waiting for quality over quantity. A lifestyle I have never mastered! Maybe 2015 will be the year?! Probably not as I just finished up an order at Zara, but a girl can dream!

If you want to buy great items that will last (and from an amazing English store) I recommend checking out Whistels. You can shop Whistles online or pop-in their stand alone stores shall you ever find yourself in London. Their pieces really are beautiful and classic and while they might be a little heavy on the pocketbook they will last you for years! And isn’t that the lesson of the day?

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outfit details // Whistles Cashmere dress, Rachel Zoe ‘Nevana’ boot

accessory details //  Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies in black via Smart Buy glasses c/o

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