Little White Summer Dress

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Zara Combination Fabric dress, Vince Blair Slip On sneaker in WhiteClare Vivier Flat clutch in LeopardJ.Crew Panama Hat in white, Ray Ban ‘Original Aviator’ in solid black, J.Crew Gold chain belt (old but similar options here :: frugal : frugal : high streetdesigner), Giles & Brother Skinny Railroad Spike braceletDana Rebecca Lauren Joy + Sylvie Rose necklace

Hello, again! I hope you enjoyed getting to “visit” the Verdura in yesterdays post! But today, we are back in Rio de Janeiro! Rio is beautiful and exactly how I pictured it – with a few mountains, lots of natural forrest, and beautiful beaches. The scenery is right out of a movie. What I didn’t expect – how the locals dress. Yes, yes, I knew to expect a few Brazilian bikinis and lots of skin but I also expected to see most people dressed very casual and low key. Most of the places I travel, I am always the one who is over-dressed, so this trip I made it a mission to bring only casual attire. Most of the time I am in heels and the locals are in flats, staring at me like I am an alien. Here – reverse that. We go to local World Cup watching parties and the women are in dresses and heels and I am in cut-offs and t-shirts. Seriously, not what I expected! Since I bought this Zara dress I have been living in it – comfy, practical, and minimalist. So it was a no brainer when I threw it in the bag for Rio thinking it would be my “nice” dress if we go to dinner – scratch that – it is a super casual dress here! Can you believe it? Maybe it is just the World Cup crowd and the women are trying to impress but I am by far one of the most casually dressed people here! Note to self for next time!

photography by suki lynn

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