There are a few things I have to have around the house, two being candles and beautiful scents. I am a sucker for any house that smells fresh, clean, and beautiful. If you come to my house there isn’t a room or corner that doesn’t either have flowers or candles. I am that obsessed with smell! During different seasons I become turned onto different smells: winter = pine, fall = spice, spring = floral, summer = clean/fresh. This “smell schizophrenia” can make it hard to accommodate but luckily there are brands like LAFCO who fulfill my needs.

I am embarrassed to admit I first heard of LAFCO or Luxury Articles & Fragrance Company,  a handful of years ago while watching the documentary, The Oprah Effect. It was really interesting to hear the brands who grew exponentially after being mentioned on her list of favorite things. Since it was a company based on candles and scents I knew I needed to check it out. Luckily, Oprah was right! This place was a haven of beautifully curated smells. Everything from their lotions to their candles were perfect! Even better was that they had a wide variety of scents tailored for anyone’s preference.

Discovering LAFCO a few years ago was a game changer for my home! Not only do I have them in every room but I now am stocking up on their hand wash and lotion (Fleurs de Bais is my scent of the moment). My house is not the only one immune to all LAFCO products – I love giving them as gifts! Who doesn’t want a beautiful scent in beautiful packaging to fill their home? P.s. there are SO many ways to use their jars when you are finished – more to come on that!

For all of my Dallas readers who love LAFCO as much as I do, there is an event this Friday, May 2nd at the highland Park location! They are unveiling their new Santa Maria Novella collection.  Santa Maria Novella is one of the worlds oldest pharmacies and was established by Dominican monks in the 1200’s and still resides in Florence, Italy. Seriously cool stuff! If you stop by be sure to let me know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “LAFCO Love

  1. Oh my gosh—I have walked by LAFCO SO many times without even realizing it!!! I’ve definitely been curious from the windows, but obviously I need to haul my butt in there, ASAP. Obsessed with all things fragrance!

    Blonde in this City

  2. I just saw that same documentary about a month ago and I am dying to get my hands on their stuff! Since we don’t have one in Utah I will definitely be visiting the store the next time we’re in Dallas. Love your blog!

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