Lace and Length

Hello, again! I was excited to be chatting with you all from my new site today but with a few last minute changes – it will hopefully be next Monday! Do you ever have a project where you worked on it so long you because you wanted it to be absolutely perfect? I relate it to riding a roller coaster (of emotions) – you love it, then you start to second guess it, then you love it again, then you make little nit-picky changes, then it is okay, and then you become over it and are ready to just turn it in. I am at the “ready to just turn it in part.” I can’t wait to be finished with the new site and share it with all of you. Almost there!

I had a long paragraph of what I wanted to chat with you about but it is Monday and I haven’t had my coffee yet so I think I will save it for next week! Instead, read what my pal Molly has to say on her latest “Toast Talk.” If you haven’t ever read one of her “Toast Talks” you should start! They are by far one of my favorite blog posts on the web. Molly hates the accolades but her writing is one of my favorites. Where my writing is riddled with grammer mistakes and a conversation-like feel, her writing is beautiful, honest, and relatable! And today’s TT is no different. It is by far something we all relate to and could read time and time again. Complaining becomes such a habit and after reading what she said, really made me evaluate just how much I do it. Is it constructive or destructive? Just some food for thought on this Monday!


so-then-they-say (1 of 32)  so-then-they-say (7 of 32) so-then-they-say (4 of 32)

Nicholas Crossover Hem Pencil SkirtChelsea28 Embroidered Lace pullover (on sale and comes in black), Gold Chain Necklace,  Christian Louboutin Patent Pigalle heels,

beauty:: Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Call The Shots

photography by suki lynn

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8 thoughts on “Lace and Length

    1. Aw, thanks Camille! You are so sweet! Very happy to find your blog as well! Kind of obsessed with your latest outfit! That shirt is tres cool!!!!

  1. Mary, I love this outfit! I love all of your outfit posts. You will still have a lot of outfit posts on the new site right???

    1. HI Jen!
      Thanks for the outfit love! I really appreciate it! And yes, lots of outfits! My focus will still be my own fashion but I want to make more of an effort to talk about travel and just curate beautiful content. I think I got a little uninspired for a while but am ready to generate content I hope you all like! 🙂

  2. Looking forward to the launch! Have been contemplating about the complaining lately – I think it’s a fine line. It is necessary/therapeutic sometimes, but then there is a point where I think it’s necessary to put a smile on and fake it!

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