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Madwell top (since sold out but similar here and here), Haute Hippie pant (similar ASOS slim fit pant), Clavin Klein coat, Chanel shoes, Revlon “Love That Red” lipstick, Forever21 sunnies and ring, Miu Miu bag

Well, I am caving. I am off to pick up my juices, from No1 Le Jus, for my first juicing, ever! Scared? Terrified and excited is more like it. Mainly terrified for the people who have to be around me when I don’t have food. My husband likes to call the moment I am hangry (hungry and angry), “the beast,” because when I am hungry, watch out! I think it will help that I am doing  it with two of my dear friends. So whenever I feel the need to scream, I can just call them and commiserate.

I am not doing it for weight loss reasons, because the weight will come back as soon as you start eating, but just to “start a new.” Doesn’t that sound  nice?! To be honest I have always been really anti- juicing because I think it sounds unhealthy and really unnatural. But, after much research and reading I think I have found the place that knows what they are doing. But I still want to warn you, if these post turn angry the next few days, you know why.

photography by A. Williamson (shot in Dec., ignore the wreath) 

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9 thoughts on “Le Juicing

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  2. ah! I did a 2 day cleanse with one of my best friends in November. It wasn’t that bad – but I think I would’ve been ravenous going in to a 3rd day. my juice coach told us that we could snack on raw almonds the 2nd day if we got hungry – she said it was ok because juicing isn’t about deprivation as much as it is about giving your body a rest from normal foods —- if your program allows, I think it helps. you look so great in these pics! your hair and lips are va-va-vooom!


    Life on the Squares

  3. Good luck with the juicing. I get way too hangry to even attempt. I need my protein or things get UGLY. I love those shoes. You look amazing.

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