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I am one of those people who really thinks about my Instagram snaps. Not that it totally dictates what I post but I like to take time to make sure I get a good snap. I love photography and can literally get lost on accounts where the editing is cohesive, you can tell they spent time getting the right angle, and they always have a wide variety of locations. I am still working on growing my photography knowledge and skills (something I am dedicating 2015 to)  for the blog, but I am always amazed at what people can do with an iphone and editing app. And sometimes, I even surprise myself with my snaps!

I don’t always post everything to my blog but am wildly consistent on Instagram. So if you can’t find me updated here, you know where to find me! @sothentheysayblog

Check out my latest Insta posts below…

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1. a cup of coffee at Selfridges with my love and a shot of Albert Bridge in London (one of my favorite spots to visit)

2. Walking the streets of Chelsea, London and finding excellent contrast via black-and-white buildings in London

3. Wearing my new favorite Elephant necklace and sharing my excitement that the hubs joined me in London

4. The new and very improved Sketch restaurant in London (must see) and wearing one of my favorite color combos – all white

5. Showing my new favorite Zara coat and stealing kisses in Hyde Park

6. My favorite Zara hat and a beautifully coordinated door in London

7. Follow my travel # to find more beautiful buildings like this (#sttstravels) and taking in the childlike spirit of children playing in London

8. The best sushi in Dallas – Oishii and sharing a yummy cup of espresso in the clouds

9. Sharing my Texas style guest bedroom decor and AGIC magical bed in London

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4 thoughts on “Instagram Upload

    1. Hey! SO sorry I am just seeing this! I love VSCO and will edit a bit of lighting in Afterlight. Sadly I use both most of the time.


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