Inspiring Me Now :: Gray Malin

First off- Has anyone that lives in Texas stepped outside yet? It actually feels like fall! Cool and crisp. A wonderful surprise!
This weekend I am headed to Houston with my friend Molly for a dinner and exhibition by the one and only Gray Malin. Famous for his photography (you must know his Marfa/Prada prints) which he started selling out of a flea market in LA and has since displayed them in the Dallas Museum of the Art and the Julia Dean Gallery in Venice. His work is known across the world as his pictures always capture a certain feel that is extremely intriguing. check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “Inspiring Me Now :: Gray Malin

  1. So cool! Enjoy the trip!! – I am so obsessed with his work! I actually got one similar to this for my living room with a horse instead of cowboys on One Kings Lane a few weeks ago!

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