Holiday Makeup with BUXOM

My 12 year old self still comes out when I receive a box of make-up. I immediately pull everything out of the package and start playing. I can’t help but test out each individual product: mixing the colors, the feel of them, and how they look together. At the end of it, I look like a 12 year old who just got her first box of make-up.

The other day I received my box of BUXOM Make-up and I was intrigued. All I knew was that it is an extension of Bare Escentuals and I believe everything they do is gold so I was eager to get trying! The colors and texture of each product are just as the Bare Escentuals (which I love). The lip polishes are a bit thicker than regular lip gloss and the lipsticks are less matte more moisture. All of these are a preference in what you like in your make-up. I tend to lean toward matte lipsticks but these were amazing and stayed on longer that I expected! I even went straight to the bright red and was really pleased with the tone of it! As for the eyeshadows (which are removable and replaceable) I was blown away. The deep greens and golden browns were STUN-NING! They make for the perfect winter palette! Since I really loved each product I thought it was my duty to share it with the other special women in my life so my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and grandma all got a little bit of BUXOM. And from all age groups – the feedback has been exceptional!

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One thought on “Holiday Makeup with BUXOM

  1. I did not know this was a part of the Bare Escentuals brand. I really love the colors in that eyeshadow palette

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