Dash & Albert Dog Bed

One of my blisses in life is throwing a good party! I love to add the perfect finishing touches to make it an event no one will forget. When I am not organizing a party at my home, I am creating new spaces for the hubs to come home to and a place we can enjoy a good cocktail! #lush! I love nothing more than to sit outside on a beautiful night, with a great glass of wine, and catch up on our day. I always try to make the space we are in nice, and since Annie is our child, she gets the same treatment.

I had been seeing these beautiful (and very chic) striped dog beds around Instagram for a while and I finally found the source – Dash & Albert. They are so classic and chic, I knew I had to have one! They come in many different colors and shapes (options for small dogs too), and the stripes make them suitable for any type of event. I am so excited for this bed, as I no longer feel the need to toss her bed in the laundry room when we have guest over! It fits in so perfectly and actually adds a really nice offset to the minimalistic furniture we have around our house! This is the perfect bed for summer too, as it is indoor/outdoor. The beads inside make it easy to move and breathable for any type of temperature.

Dash and Albert Dog Bed-8Dash and Albert Dog Bed-3Dash and Albert Dog Bed-10Dash and Albert Dog Bed-11 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-4 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-12Dash and Albert Dog Bed-15Dash and Albert Dog Bed-13 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-14   Dash and Albert Dog Bed-17 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-18 Dash and Albert Dog Bed-19 Dash and Albert Dog Bed

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2 thoughts on “Dash & Albert Dog Bed

  1. OK, OBSESSED with that arrangement, love the cow hide outfit with the girly touches! Can you come visit Cath and I (well meet me) in Nashville some time!

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