The Comfiest Dress Ever

outfit details // Modern Citizen ‘Millie’ T-Shirt dress, Modern Citizen Morena Suede Leather jacket, Sézane ‘Jack’ sneaker

Pregnant or not, a comfortable dress is always in style. It is astounding to me how hard this particular search can be. Either the dress is too tight, or the material is scratchy, or it is like wearing an oversized brown paper bag. Trust me, I know all of these are the case because I have run across all of them while on my search. However, the search is over and I can say, I have found the Comfiest Dress EVER! Not only is the material like butter but the stripes and slits on the side make the dress really flattering for all day wear. It’s classic style and price tag (did I mention it is under $100) make it the comfiest and the best long-term decision you have made in a while 🙂

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