Color Pop

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Rag and Bone ‘The Skinny’ jeans, Chaus sweater, Zara shoes, Emily Rosendahl clutch (borrowed from Molly), ASOS sunnies

I have always loved the color red. It is so bold and powerful. I am a fan wether it is on my lips, nails, or feet. When I was little my aunt and I would send each other random pictures of red lips because we both loved them so much. I was always too young to try the bold color myself but I have now grown-up and live in the shade! I still think of my aunt every time I put my red lips on! I remember I used to get so frustrated after every time she kissed me because I would get these red lips imprinted on my cheek. She would get the biggest kick out of it while I would walk to the bathroom to try and scrub it off. And red lipstick is h.a.r.d. to get off! Now that I wear the shade, my sweet husband gets to walk to the bathroom to try and scrub it off while I get the kick. Apple really doesn’t fall that far, does it?

This spring I have been drawn to mostly light, blush colors but then I saw these. BAM! I have been wanting a red shoe for a while now and these were perfect. Edgy and cool but still very appropriate for multiple occasions. You would be surprised all the ways you can wear a red shoe – with jeans, floral dress, white pants, blue outfit, all red, and so many more. They always add the extra color pop that an outfit needs to stand out. I wore them pretty simple here to let them shine in all of their glory but I have a few other ways I am excited to pair them! Really though, your closet needs a red shoe this season!

photography by Molly Miller

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