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I did it! I finished my juicing cleanse! I feel really accomplished and much lighter. The first day wasn’t too bad because you are so excited to start something you kind of forget you have two more days ahead of you. The second day, oh the second day! I kind of, sort of, wanted to die. I had a migraine, I was exhausted, and really really worn down. But as bad as the second day is, the third day picks up. By day three every juice I drank I told myself was the last time I had to drink it. And food. Man do you crave food! I would see a salad and my mouth would water (usually not a salad girl so this was strange). But would I do it again? Absolutely.

My body feels so amazing! I woke up this morning and was kind of scared to start eating again because I didn’t want to “dirty” up my body. That sounds so strange but after the cleanse you feel so clean and purified- the thought of food filling your stomach kind of makes you sick. Another benefit? I am a huge puffer! Meaning- I have a crazy case of puffing! I can have a salad and I will puff. My fingers become swollen, I feel it in my face- everywhere just puffs.  It is absolutely insane and I think I need to go to the doctor for it but this cleanse totally, “de-puffed” my entire body. You should see my stomach! Never have I seen it so flat! And my fingers- well, my rings actually fit on and off easily. As hard as cleansing is, the rewards are that much greater. I only wish I knew about this before and wasn’t so stubborn in the past.

The cleanse I did was the three day, intermediate cleanse from Vim + Vigor. I fell in love with the packaging (total creative side of me) and branding. It really is so cute (see here). Now, did I fall in love with the juices? They were nice and better than I expected, (minus the carrot one because I hate drinking carrots), but any time you are drinking your meals, you won’t love what you are drinking. Since I am a foodie it is hard for me to say every juice was incredible but, again, much much better than I expected! They were definitely good enough to do it again, if that answers any questions. Especially the last one which contained: almond milk, cinnoman, vanilla bean, sea salt, and dates. Quite a nice way to end each day! So if you are thinking about starting a cleanse or totally against it (I’ve been there), I must say I recommend it as a little way to give your body a break! I know experts people say they are bad for you, but I have never felt better! Let me know if you have cleansed and if there is another one I should try in the future!

images via vim + vigor 

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3 thoughts on “Cleanse Complete

  1. Thanks for sharing Mary! I have always toyed with juice cleanses but was worried about the side-effects like headaches and bad skin. I remember researching Vim & Vigor when we were in Dallas. Do you know if they ship their juices?

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