Cléa LALA, Clea lala, Superga x Sandro,

Cléa LALA. Oh, be still my heart! I first discovered the brand while checking out the new Superga x Sandro collaboration. She took their very minimal sneaker and used her art to turn them into something so unique. My favorite kind of item to buy right now is something that has a certain edge or pop to it that is unexpected. And her pieces are all of that plus some.

Upon further stalking admiration I learned that Cléa Lala is a young French artist who mixes embroidery and illustrations. To me, she takes the art work and then makes it come alive. I am completely smitten with her simple yet beautiful embroidery work but also her ability to keep something minimal while giving it life. I can’t verbalize well enough how much I love her style, which is why I included so many photos. Now, you too can fall in love with her work. It won’t take long before you are wanting a piece of hers too!

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