Last week I had a really sweet reader write in asking which lip color I use. I realized that besides posting about my, Revlon, “love that red,” I have never really talked about it. Crazy, considering I am a total lipstick/gloss junkie. I live in my colors from MAC, Smashbox, Chanel, and Nars. They all hve such a wide variety of options and they aren’t too heavy on the lip. During the day I always try to stick with neutral tones (unless I am going for my pop of red) and at night I try to play the lip up a little more. It is always fun to test out lipsticks and find your “signature” color. Mine for daytime is, Chanel, Pimpante” and night, Revlon, Love That Red.”

Hope you enjoy the little video and please feel free to always e-mail me with any other questions (

Color seen on me in video: Chanel “Pimpante” + Smashbox “Lip Enhancing Color- Sheer Gloss” (this is also my everyday lipgloss)

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