I had the opportunity to hang out with Chassity, of Look Linger Love, during NYFW. What a gem this girl is! There are a few bloggers in the business who everyone can agree they are a genuinely a sweet person – Chassity is one of those people. When you meet her you walk away thinking about how “kind” she was. She really listens to you when you talk, which is something I appreciate in this day-and-age. While everyone is busy reading their latest e-mail or checking how many likes their last photo received, she is listening and hanging on to every word you say. Really taking an interest in you and what you have to say. On one of the nights in NYC I was able to sit next to her at dinner. She is so easy to talk to and definitely someone who makes your night better for just being there. You kind of just want to go home, put on pj’s, and girl talk all night! She is that kind of person – kind, funny, down-to-earth, and someone you just want to be friends with.  I mean, any girl who will split a plate of cheese fries with me is definitely a girl I want to be friends with! And lets just say, we devoured some cheese fries!

Her blog is full of beautiful images, outfits, and internet finds that you are sure to get lost for hours. One of my favorite parts of her blog? Lilly Likes.  It is centered around her adorable daughter, Lilly, and all things that she likes or things that every mother needs to buy their daughter! She finds the cutest things, and dresses Lilly so impeccably this will surely be your favorite spot to visit too! I mean, does it get any cuter than this?  So, let’s go over the checklist – Chassity’s style is amazing (voted top 75 most fashionable southerners by Southern Living), her daughter is almost too cute to handle, she finds the best products on the web, her creativity is out of this world, she is incredibly kind, and is genuine in her actions. Yes, I would say Chassity is the bees knee! Or to put it another way, I really respect/admire this gal! All of this is why she is this months M.A.S. INTERVIEWS.

I hope you check her out and follow this amazing lady, I promise you, you will love what she has to offer!

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M.A.S. INTERVIEWS // Cheetah Is The New Black



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Alicia is one of those bloggers who inspires me. Not only through her amazing style, but through her “caringness,” ability to connect to others, and her sense of self. I’ve sat and talked to her and listened to her compassion for others and passion for life. I can honestly say that I don’t think this girl has a mean bone in her body. She is so easy to talk with. You almost feel like she is your friend you haven’t seen in ages but are able to pick right up where you left off. Don’t you love people like that? It isn’t very often you meet people who ask about you and genuinely care about your response. She has on numerous occasions texted me to “check-in” and catch up. In her world, there is always time for a friend. Can I gush anymore? Yes, I can, but I won’t. I will  let you make up your own opinion after you start following her. She will not only inspire you through her unbeatable style and glimpses of her interior decorating, but also by her sweet personality.


I hope you check her out and follow this amazing lady, I promise you, you will love what she has to offer!

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M.A.S. INTERVIEWS // With Love From Kat


When you first see Kat from, With Love From Kat,  you see her beauty and amazing hair! I mean this girl is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!! Then you see her amazing style and when you start talking to her, her kindness. I first met her at fashion week in September and I remember thinking, “You’re Kat? From With Love From Kat? You’re so so nice!!” Sometimes you meet people in this blogging world and they don’t live up to the “hype,” Kat does! Her blog is one of the prettiest on the web and you could get lost on it for hours, which I do. All of this is why I decided to make her this months, M.A.S. Interviews.

I hope you check her out and follow this amazing lady, I promise you, you will love what she has to offer!

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