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Maison du Soir Begonia

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I’m late!
I’m late!
For a very important date!
No time to say “Hello”, goodbye!
I’m late!
I’m late!

Yes! On the last day in Paris, I was running late. No time to think about hair, make-up, or dress, I was out the door. Since we had such a quick trip in Paris, there really was no time to waste! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it together (because of this) so I jumped out of bed in my pajamas! Fortunately for me, my girl Courtney at Maison du Soir designed the perfect solution – the Begonia!  So thank you Courtney for constructing something so perfect for this champagne loving girl who can’t shake off the reminisce of a good night as quickly as she used to! Really, you are a genius! The dress is not only a comfy/chic pajama but also a simple/minimalist day time dress, should you ever find yourself in a bind. I am not sure I could have made it through Paris without you. Je n’aurais pas pu faire ca sans toi!

Stay tuned for my last set in London! In the mean time check out her website, Maison Du Soir

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Maison du Soir Constellation

maison-du-soir-constellation maison-du-soir-constellation maison-du-soir-constellation maison-du-soir-constellation maison-du-soir-constellation

You didn’t think I could just show these Maison du Soir constellation pajamas once, did you? I honestly loved these so much I had to share them again. I won’t chat much about how amazing they are because you read that last week, but I had to make them fresh in your mind! I seriously believe every closet needs a pair of Maison du Soir. So girls, ask for your birthday, Christmas, stocking stuff, Valentines Day, a “just because,” shower gift, any reason you can think of! I promise you will be happy you did!


Stay tuned for Paris and London! In the mean time check out her website, Maison Du Soir

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Maison du Soir :: Geneva, Garden

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Sophia in Pearl Button-Down 100% silk shirt // Jaclyn in Pearl 100% silk shorts

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to have a relaxed morning. One of my favorite places to do this? My in-laws garden in Geneva, Switzerland. The air is always extremely fresh, the flowers are gorgeous, and the energy is calm. I love to have a cup of coffee and enjoy my surroundings. The best part of vacation is to unwind and re-center – something I think people forget. It is so hard to balance all of your expectations  of a trip – with site-seeing, reservations, and so on – I think people forget to just stand in one place, take a deep breath, and just “be.” I had the opportunity on my last trip to enjoy a few mornings and enjoy the moment and it was so necessary. So, I challenge you on your next trip to take three minutes to stand in one place, take deep breathes, and capture mental pictures of where you are!

Okay, so I got that off my chest, lets chat these p.j.’s. You may remember last week I did a Maison du Soir in Rio! This week I am bringing you Geneva. Sweet, sweet Geneva! The pearl button-down and shorts are one of the most beautiful sets I have ever seen. They are classic, chic, and versatile. Yes, I wore the top to a day of shopping! I have always loved the classic relationship between a cream and black. Growing-up I made my mom re-do my room so I could have it only black and white. It had to be more Audrey Hepburn I told her. Though I may love a good trendy piece every now-and-again my  heart will always belong to the classics. The Sophia and Jaclyn fulfill this classic love and were also a total hit among those who saw them. They really are that spectacular in person. I know spending $200 on a pair of pajamas seems excessive but you spend more time in them than any other item in your closet. AND trust me – I used to be like that until I took the plunge and I can’t tell you how great it feels to wear beautiful pajamas. I honestly think it is a revelation. I go to bed feeling great and very chic and wake-up the same way! I am sticking to this purchase and calling it my MUST HAVE ITEM OF THE YEAR! I believe this so much that I wanted those I care about to feel the same way and purchased my mom a set, who now swears by them! I.speak.the.truth.

Need more convincing or just want to see more beautiful pieces from MDS? I am excited to bring you another round of Maison du Soir in Geneva and then in Paris, Normandy, and London! Stay tuned…

In the mean time I will leave you with more on Geneva:

Geneva is an incredible city and one I have loved getting to know over the past few years. Whether you want to go boating, site-seeing, to a park, hiking, museums, or shopping, Geneva has it all! My personal favorite thing to do is to go out on Lake Geneva. It has absolutely stunning waters and being surrounded by the alps is breath-taking.

Little known facts about Lake Geneva (via theswisswatchblog) –

  • It has dual citizenship in two countries – about 60% lies in Switzerland and 40% lies in France
  • It is deep – because it is an Alpine lake, it mimics the Alps, in the inverse. The average depth of Lake Geneva is 507 feet
  • It has contributed to science- in 1827, Lake Geneva was the first place for the speed of sound to be tested in fresh water
  • Expensive bottled water likes to call it home- Evian comes from several springs near Evian-les-Bains, France, which rests on the shores of Lake Geneva
  • Driving around it can add time to your European road trip- the Mt Blanc tunnel costs around 75 USD to travel through one-way and only takes about 20 min. The other option is driving around Lake Geneva, which could add 3 hours to your trip

Just a little fun facts for your Tuesday afternoon reading! I am excited to bring you a city guide of Geneva, if you ever find yourself in the beautiful city!

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