Bootie Love

These booties… oh these booties! Okay so by now you can tell how much I wear them. It is getting to the point where people ask if I have anything else in my closet and I do but these are by far my favorite. I think if I continue to wear them my feet are going to morph into the shape. Can you say money well spent?

Photography by Amanda

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11 thoughts on “Bootie Love

  1. such a great look! The boots look like they go with everything! I have several pieces in my closet that function the same way!

  2. Love the shorts! BTW…I got the midi rings from Glam Rocks and I am in love! I actually got to meet her…she lives like 2 minutes away from me! Anyway, I’m blogging about it tomorrow and I linked to your blog since I found out about the rings through you! Also, she’s doing a giveaway for 2 sets of 3 rings!! So you should enter if you need another set!

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