I have never been a book reader, that was always my sister. She could read all day. As a little sister you always want to be like your big sister so I would grab a book and scroll through it. If it didn’t have pictures, I was bored and after three minutes it was on the floor and I was re-organizing my closet. 
It is funny how even as you grow up, you don’t change. Although I enjoy reading now, I still love a book with good pictures. That is why coffee table books are my dream. I plan to have an amazing collection of them for any “non-book readers” who come over  🙂 
 I am getting quite proud of my little collection and thanks to my future mother-in-law I acquired THIS book too! If you love photography you will love it!
Molly and I showing off our new, signed, Vogue books! 

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6 thoughts on “BOOK WORM

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  2. I have WAY too many coffee table books!! How do you like the Vogue book, I have had my eye on it for a while and I may get it just wanted your feedback on it!!

    1. Lucky! I wish I had too many 🙂

      It is really pretty and I am glad I have it but if you have a ton already it is something I think you could hold off on, if you want my complete honesty.

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