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JOA Navy miniskirtLeith Oversized V-Neck shirt, Superga Lace sneakers, Retro Super Future sunglasses, BuDhaGirl Intentions bracelet

Bienvenidos! What a whirlwind the past week has been! I just arrived back in Dallas from Rio and ran to the computer to do a post! Please forgive me in advance for any miss spellings, wrong grammer, or jumblings – jet lag is a bitch!

I had such an amazing trip. One I will never forget. From being at the world cup, to seeing Rio, feeling the Brazilian energy, swimming on the beaches, and experiencing new things – this trip is one for the books! I am off on another big trip this week so do stay tuned!

Before I leave you I had to talk about the amazing bracelets I am wearing in today’s post. I love wearing pieces that have a special meaning or bring purpose to your daily life. If you are like that too, you will love BuDhaGirl. They describe themselves as a, “story of awareness and new beginnings – a vehicle made-up of beautiful objects and jewelry for bringing the mind back into balance and focus.” Isn’t that so beautifully said? Each of their products is to either be a reminder or to bring awareness to your daily life. The gold bangles I am wearing above are called “intention bracelets” and each onrepresents an intention for the day. As you put them on you think about and reaffirm your nine intentions for the day and then as you take them off at night you think of your nine thoughts of gratefulness. Don’t you just love it? I have been doing it the past few days and it really adds so much positivity to the start and end of your day. When you are forced to be aware of nine things you are grateful for that day, negative energy has a funny way of disappearing. Definitely a little food for thought on this Monday morning…On that, I bid you adieu.

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photography by suki lynn

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2 thoughts on “Bienvenidos

  1. Loving this outfit! That mural in the background is super fun, too!
    Those bracelets sound awesome, a great way to make you think more about your life and make it happier. 🙂 Sort of like the energy bracelets people my aunt sell, they are infused with energy to help you in certain aspects of life. I have a “fearless” one, haha

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