I love plush, white bedding. To me it is serene and inviting. Since the wedding is pretty much planned (four months and counting) my attention is moving to my future home. My poor family, and now fiance, have always had to put up with my 0 to 1,000 pace. Once I get my mind set on something, I have to do it, and then complete it. It is a nasty habit and I am working on slowing down but since I haven’t learned to yet, I will continue to get ideas for the house. sorry

 Check out Crane & Canopy for very affordable and tres chic bedding! I personally love the Page Gray
Also, check out a feature they did on M.A.S. HERE
images via Pinterest and Crane & Canopy

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6 thoughts on “BEDDING

  1. May I suggest white bamboo bedding? Seriously, these sheets from Fiber Element are amazing…I just can’t even help it. A good thing to get for a wedding…and a good thing to get for yourself rosamapose.

  2. I’m switching bedrooms in my apartment this spring & thinking about a re-do, with white bedding (possibly with teal sheets, though). I’m currently rocking a seafoam/minty green blue with a gold duvet, but when I paint I’m going white with teal & plum accents, complete with white bedding! So cozy.

    Blonde in this City

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