Basic Base

In creating a great look it is all about the base. In creating a great base you need the perfect basics. I have spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars on what I thought would be pieces that I could build a look around. Over the years I have been disappointed by these purchases when after a few wears their fit falters or the material gives out. I was about to throw up the white flag when I discovered Old Navy’s t-shirt line. I invested in a few choices but I must admit my favorite is this black and white striped number. It is so soft and has been very transitional. From wearing it in the day to sleeping in it at night it is my new favorite piece.

When you are building your wardrobe it is important to have basics which allow you to create a simple and neutral base. Having a neutral base easily allows you to create new and different looks just by changing out your accessories.

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11 thoughts on “Basic Base

  1. You look amazing. I love everything about this outfit. Way to style the basics from old navy with very chic high fashion pieces like the topshop shoes and philip lim bag. Not to mention that jacket I have to check out the brand I have never heard of it before.

  2. love how many of us picked the same old navy striped tee – it’s such a versatile piece! looking good girly!


  3. Thanks Mary! They are having a great sale too! Love how you put this outfit together!

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